Sunday, April 14, 2013

Six Sentence Sunday - Beyond The Edge

Last tidbit from Beyond The Edge, the sequel to the On The Edge and Out of the Box series, which is coming out in just three days! Brett's birthday party is reaching its climax, if you'll pardon the pun...!


The first few moments in the dimly lit guest room passed in a burning flash of need as clothes fell to the floor. Virginia wasn’t sure who helped her out of her dress; she thought it was Anando, but those cool fingers might have been Leo’s.

Clad in nothing more than her underwear, she did help remove Brett’s shirt—of that much she was sure—and soon she was sitting at the foot of the bed, watching with avid eyes as Anando pushed Brett onto his back, quickly prepared him, then surged inside him under the quiet encouragements of Leo and Lisa. Virginia herself couldn’t say a word, too caught up in the vision that the two men made together.

Her heart was pounding to the same rhythm as Anando’s thrusts. When he glanced at her across the bed and flashed her a smile, she returned it on pure instinct.

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