Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tuesday Teaser - Fangs & Lullabies

Writing One Last Lullaby is fun, but I'm sort of missing writing the characters earlier in their lives, when Jacob was just a little boys and his dads were still finding each other again. Here's a little trip down memory lane with an excerpt from Fangs & Lullabies...


“Don’t let go of his hand!”

Pure dread filled Andrew’s words, but he couldn’t begin to care, not when Jacob was stumbling and it seemed that the only reason he was still upright was that Nicholas’ fingers were wrapped around Jacob’s small wrist.

“I thought the whole point was to let go,” Nicholas said, a laugh hiding in his voice.

However much Andrew wanted to glare, he didn’t dare take his eyes off Jacob. Andrew stretched his arms out in front of himself and knee-walked a little closer to Jacob and Nicholas. Andrew wished the carpet were thicker. Maybe if they put a blanket down, it’d help in case Jacob fell. But then Jacob might trip over the blanket and—

“Give him some room,” Nicholas said in a huff. “Come on, pull back a bit.”

This time, Andrew did glare, and while he pulled back, it couldn’t have been more than an inch or two.

“All right, you ready?”

Andrew couldn’t have said if the words were meant for him or Jacob. It didn’t matter anyway, because Nicholas released Jacob’s hand, and rather than falling flat on his nose or on his diaper-padded bottom, Jacob tottered forward. Hands high on either side of himself and a wide smile splitting his face, he took his first steps. Uneven steps, a few of them sideways rather than straight toward Andrew’s open arms, but Jacob didn’t stumble or stop. He was laughing when Andrew caught him and, holding him under the arms, raised him high into the air. Just three yards away, Nicholas clapped, grinning.

“I told you he was ready to walk.”

Kissing Jacob’s forehead, Andrew swallowed back the sigh rising to his lips. He’d known Jacob was ready, too, but he couldn’t help but think that these first steps were only the first of many, and each of them would be taking his son farther away from him. Jacob wasn’t even a year old; why did Andrew feel like he was losing him already?

Andrew banished the thought with a shake of his head. He didn’t need Nicholas to roll his eyes at him to know how crazy he was being at that moment. Setting Jacob down again, small shoes hitting the carpet in anticipation, Andrew turned Jacob toward Nicholas.

“Move back a little,” Andrew said. “Let’s see how far he can go.”

Nicholas crouched down a little farther and held out his hands toward Jacob. “Come on, baby. Show Daddy you’re a big boy.”

Jacob laughed again and started walking forward. Andrew’s fingers remained at Jacob’s waist as far as he could reach, but eventually, he had to let go.

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