Monday, April 1, 2013

Writing update

What have I been up to in March...

I finished My Reluctant Warden, the second part to the Ward of the Vampire series. (Part 1 is free until tomorrow, BTW.) It ended up 1/3 longer than I expected, at close to 30.000 words. I can't say I'm displeased by that. Angelina's voice is just too fun to write. It's currently with my editor, and I expect a mid to late May release.

In the same series, I'm working with a comic book artist to show glimpses of what Morgan Ward is up to when Angelina isn't around to report on his actions. I should post a 2-page mini story this month, and we'll see if the readers' interest warrants more after that. I hope so, because these things are a lot of fun on my end!

I also worked on outlining One Last Lullaby, my monthly freebie. I figured out how to tie up the two settings together again, so I'll be back to posting regular updates on the 15th of the month.

Speaking of outlining, I'm just about done planning out part 3 of the QuickSilver Codex. This one promises to heartbreaking...

This month I also worked on something a bit different for me, involving a vampire and a robot. It'll be part of an even on a Goodreads M/M group I belong to; more on that when the time comes.

Also, a lot of editing for me this month, with my two April releases. Coincidentally, they will come out on the same day, April 17th. One is the long awaited Beyond The Edge, and the other is a sweet M/M romance with Torquere Press, Blue Hair and Seven PAs.

Now for what I didn't do... I meant to work on both Ray's story and a new sequel to His Sire's New Pet, and both things just didn't happen. I guess March just wasn't a BDSM kind of month...

And now what I have on my writing list for April...
  • I have to finish the vampire and robot story, no ifs or buts about it.
  • The third part of Ward of the Vampire is also on my list, as well as finding a title for it.
  • I'll also start the third part of the QuickSilver Codex series.
  • ... and the third part of His Sire's New Pet. Sensing a pattern here...
  • I also have some flash fiction to write for a book tour in May.
  • And of course One Last Lullaby!

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