Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday Five - 5 Secondary Characters Asking For A Story


I'm trying to get back to my regular posting schedule but oh, how attractive is procrastination... *grin* Today's Friday Five - here are 5 secondary characters that keep bugging me and asking to tell their own story. As if I didn't have enough WIPs already...


Anando's Sire has appeared in the original Out of the Box series, and she was instrumental in reuniting Anando and Virginia after he ran away. She also had cameos in Living Out of the Box and Beyond The Edge. We know she has several Childer, Anando being the oldest, and she has mentioned she's getting tired after a long and busy life. Maybe all she needs is a new love interest to remind her what life is all about...

The mage in the Blurred Trilogy started out as rather cowardly, but by the end of the series he took control of his fears and did some pretty cool magic. He had a pretty heavy crush on Blake, but with Blake busy with two lovers, Simon realized he didn't have a chance there. Still, he deserves his own happy ending, doesn't he?

She's Andrew's other Childe in the Lullabies series, and responsible for Nicholas starting onto a killing path, which caused Andrew to reject both of them a century prior the series started. It took her longer to stop killing than it did Nicholas, but she admitted she did so for a human man. Who was he, and how could he change her feeding habits?

Theo and Paul
Alexandra's co-workers at the Special Enforcers agency, as well as her friends, in the novel Baby Steps. Theo and Paul met on the job. But how did Theo go from calling Paul 'the kid' to accepting his proposal for a commitment ceremony?

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