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Sexy Saturdays - M/M(/M) serial part 13

I missed last week's update (sorry!) and I haven't been posting a lot on the blog. Here's why: I've been busy preparing guest posts and giveaways for my Beyond The Edge book tour. If you haven't gven it a look yet, please drop by!

And if you need to catch up on this naughty serial, you can find all the parts under the serial tag.


Dave has undressed him before; Steven could even tell how often if he thought about it for a moment. He could also say how many times he’s been in this bedroom, in the oversized bed. Still, this feels like the first time all over again.

Dave’s hands are shaking when he unbuttons Steven’s shirt, and it’s a relief to realize he’s nervous too. For a moment there, watching him undress Alex, Steven had the feeling that he was way out of his depth. Even bound and gagged, Alex never gave a hint of hesitation, and the confidence that bled through Dave’s movements, through his words, is something that Steven wishes he possessed. But that confidence is gone now, and Steven finds himself wanting to reassure Dave, to tell him everything will be all right. He looks like he needs it.

“Hey.” Dave’s fingers aren’t shaking anymore when they brush against Steven’s cheek. “Are you okay? If you don’t want—”

“No.” Steven blinks, shakes his head. “I mean, yes. I’m okay, and I do want it. Do you?”

“Anything,” Dave breathes, and Steven kisses him.

The rest of their clothes ends up in a pile at their feet. There comes a moment, when they stand in front of each other, look at each other, their cocks equally hard as they rub together, when Steven wonders why Dave isn’t touching him, why he isn’t telling him what to do.

And then he remembers. His game. His rules. His move.

He takes hold of Dave’s cock, strokes it hard, just once, just to see pleasure distort his face.

“Lie down,” he murmurs. “For me.”

Dave obeys without a word, and a flash of lust blinds Steven. When his vision clears again, all Steven can see is Alex’s gaze, flames consuming it as his eyes flicker between Steven and Dave, like he doesn’t know which of them to watch. Steven knows exactly what that feels like, because there sits Alex, tied up, his tie a crimson streak across his mouth, legs spread and his cock hard, begging for a hand. And there lies Dave, one arm tucked behind his head, the other resting across his taut stomach, just an inch above where his cock twitches, demanding to be touched. As Steven swallows hard, Dave raises one leg, rests his foot flat on the bed, and if it’s not an invitation, Steven doesn’t know what is.

Meeting Dave’s eyes, Steven asks, “Do you have—”

“Bedside table. First drawer.”

The bedside table is right next to Alex. Steven opens the drawer and fishes out the lube with one hand; he curls the other over Alex’s dick and tugs hard, twice, three times, to see Alex’s eyes narrow, to hear him take a gasping breath through his gag.

“You’re so very pretty,” he whispers, already grinning at the outrage in Alex’s eyes.

Dave looks back and grins too, or at least he does until Steven kneels between his legs and adds, “Both of you. So fucking pretty.”

A quiet growl rises from Dave’s chest, and Steven can’t tell if it’s from his words or the touch of his fingertip, wet and cool as it circles Dave’s entrance.

“L-language,” Dave says.

Steven wants to laugh. Instead, he presses forward, pushing his finger in, slowly, watching Dave’s face the entire time and taking in the way his eyes widen bit by bit, or how he presses his lips very tightly together at first, and then lets them fall open on a quiet, shaky sigh.

“I can’t say ‘fucking’,” Steven says, a little out of breath, “but I can do this?”

Dave blinks, then grins again. Steven would never have believed he could pull off a bashful smile. And yet.

“I’m sure you can do a lot better than that.”

Behind Dave, Alex makes a choked-up noise. Only when Steven glances up does he realize Alex is laughing.

Later, he promises himself. Later he’ll get back at Alex for the sitcom soundtrack. But right now…

He pulls out, squirts a little more lube onto his fingers, and slides back in. Three, this time, and no more going slow. The groan that falls from Dave’s lips only urges him on. He pushes a little harder still, stretches his fingers as wide as they’ll go then hunts down—

“Oh god…”

He smirks. Found it.

Dave’s cock is bobbing up and down on his stomach, glistening at the top, thick and fucking gorgeous.

“Want to touch yourself?” he whispers like a dirty little secret.

Dave swallows hard and nods jerkily. His hand is already moving toward his cock, but Steven stops it with a cluck of his tongue and pulls his fingers away. He strokes his own cock to spread what’s left of the lube over it, pushes Dave’s legs up, and looks at him, like his soul is right there, bare like his body, exposed for all to see – for Steven.

“Don’t. No touching. You’re all mine now.”

On the last word, he snaps his hips forward, pushes his cock inside Dave—

“So tight!”

—and doesn’t stop until he’s balls deep inside him.

“Oh god,” Dave says again. He’s shaking under Steven, blinking very fast and licking his lips.

Steven leans down for a quick kiss, then pulls back, almost all the way. And slams back in.

He’s never heard anything prettier than Dave crying out for him – except maybe Alex doing the same thing.

And suddenly, it hits Steven. He’s fucking Dave. Except, it’s not fucking.

When he asked for it, he used sugar words, a trick he now knows wasn’t needed, but it doesn’t make the words any less true. Making love, he called it, and that’s exactly what he’s doing.

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