Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sexy Saturdays - M/M(/M) serial part 14

I missed last week's post. So sorry about that! I was caught up in my book tour and everything else was put on the backburner for a while. Here's part 14 of my M/M(/M) serial, with just one last part left for next week.


It doesn’t take long for Alex to be grateful for the gag – and yes, even for that damn belt, and nevermind that he feels like he’ll self-combust if he can’t touch himself soon.

They make quite a sight together, Dave’s solid frame spread out beneath Steven’s slender one, shaking with every thrust, folded in two like he’s putty in a child’s hands. But Steven is no child. He moves like a hundred years are guiding his hips, his cock, instincts and skill pushing him onward until he’s drawing sounds from Dave’s throat that Alex had never heard from him before, sounds he didn’t even know Dave was capable of making. Each of these sounds curls around Alex balls like a warm hand, tugs on his cock and makes it jump with jolts of pleasure.

The thought strikes him that he could be jealous, should be jealous, maybe, that at this moment nothing exists for them but each other, because it’s obvious they’ve forgotten he’s there. But whom should he be jealous of? Whose place would he like to take? He’d like to be beneath Steven right now, spitted on his cock and writhing under him, just as much as he’d like to fuck Dave, make him moan for him, Dave’s hands caressing him and pleading for more with every touch. It doesn’t matter that he never touched Dave like that while just last night Steven was inside him and fucking his brains out. He’s a greedy bastard, always was; he wants both of them, wants to be both of them. But greedy or not, he also can’t begrudge them this moment.

Pretty, Steven called them earlier, teasing and yet not. But this? This is more than pretty. It’s more than anything Alex had imagined – and did he imagine it since those first innocent touches he witnessed from afar! Maybe he pulled strings, yes, maybe he helped them find their way back here faster that they would have found it on their own, but as much as he enjoys the show, as selfish as he can be, he wasn’t thinking of getting off when he led Steven to this – or rather, he wasn’t only thinking of that.

If the belt wasn’t there, he wouldn’t be able to just sit back and watch. Oh, it’s not that he can’t free himself; one hard tug, the wood would break, and he could join in, could kneel next to them, caress them, kiss them, lick the sweat that’s glistening on Steven’s collarbone where Dave’s hands are caressing. He could slip behind Steven, press his chest to his boy’s back, and accompany each and every one of his thrusts, like it was him fucking Dave. Hell, he could even slide inside Steven and fuck them both, his boy directly and his Sire by proxy, and never has Alex wanted to belong more than he does right now.

He’s glad the belt is there to restrain him, to remind him: this is Steven’s. Alex was invited to observe – or more accurately, he invited himself – but if he intruded now, he would be cheating Steven of his moment. That’s the very last thing he wants to do.

He’s glad for the gag too, although not for the same reason. If he could say a word, he wouldn’t be talking to Steven, like Dave thought he would. He wouldn’t give directions, wouldn’t tell Steven what to do, where to put his hands, how hard to push, how often to kiss Dave – because hell knows the boy doesn’t need any help, he’s doing just fine on his own. Quick learner, attentive lover, a beautiful cock and the know-how to go with it, he really doesn’t need pointers. Never did.

No, if Alex could talk right now, he would be talking to Dave. Whispered words right in the shell of his ear, secrets Steven would hear anyway. He would be asking him if he gets it yet. If he can feel, with each of those thrusts that rock the bed and make it bang against the wall, how much Steven loves him, even if it scares the hell out of Dave. If he can taste it every time Steven leans down and kisses him without ever breaking his rhythm. If he can see it in the way Steven looks at him, like Dave is precious china that will shatter under him, like he’s a rock that will never break.

And that’s one reason why they’re here, isn’t it? For Steven to see that, no matter what he does, Dave is there to stay. He won’t disappear, not behind excuses, not in the shadows, won’t be pushed away nor will he take a step back in that infuriating, self-sacrificing way that has become his modus operandi.

From Alex’s vantage point, all of it is as clear as crystal, and he wonders if they both understand that this is more than sex – although it’s that, too, and Alex doesn’t even blink anymore for fear of missing something; any second now he’s going to come without a single finger being laid on him, and he definitely won’t be ashamed when it happens.

More than sex, yes; it’s a promise, made and accepted with each thrust, each moan: Steven will never let Dave push him away again.

And Alex thinks he’s got a point, there; it’s been much too long since he and his Sire were estranged. Maybe tonight they can fix things between them, too.


  1. so you know your going to have to fill in the back story on this one right? As well as the future, and anything else you can think of. :)

    1. LOL
      I know, yes. Definitely backstory. We'll see about the future ;)


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