Saturday, May 18, 2013

Touring Beyond The Edge - Recap

On the last day of the tour, I wanted to thank all of you who've been following me from blog to blog. It was a lot of work to prepare for this tour, but a lot of fun, too - and I hope it was fun for you guys, too.

I'd love to have your thoughts about the tour. Was it interesting to you? Too long? Varied enough or too repetitive? What about the prizes? Was there any other kind of post or prize you'd have liked to see? I tried to make it all entertaining for long-time readers as well as new ones... did I succeed? And of course... should I do it again?

As a recap of what the tour was all about...

I focused on the 5 characters of the book, with an interview with all of them, an interview with Lisa only, a post about the three men, a post about Virginia and Anando, and a Top 10 list from Virginia.

I wrote 3 new flashfiction pieces, one on the theme 'Bodyguards', a deleted scene and a sexy piece.

I told about how the entire series started, and how Beyond The Edge in particular came to be.

I posted excerpts, too: Anando and Virginia agreeing to host Brett's partythe morning of Brett's birthday, the same day at Virginia & Anando's.

I... *gulp* talked a bit about me.

And my hosts were kind enough to review both the new story and the books that came before it. There were reviews for Out of the Box (Nikki, Gaele, Liz), Living Out of the Box (Gaele), Before The Edge (Gaele), On The Edge (Gaele, Liz, Evelise), Over The Edge (Gaele), Walking The Edge (Gaele), Fifth Vision of Destiny (Gaele), and of course Beyond The Edge (Kristina, Heather, Gaele).

And we have giveaways! Every swag pack wasa little different from the oters, and I'm giving away ebooks as well, and two giftcards. See the top of the page for the full list!


  1. This was very fun! I am definitely going to grab this series! :)

  2. still hoping you write FASTER KALLY! LOL

  3. Jessica Hale(Parsons)May 19, 2013 at 11:01 AM

    It was great fun, i had a laugh about somethings,learned new things about the characters and enjoyed the flash fiction :)

  4. I love the snippets and interviews,I always learn something new. :) I would also love it if you wrote faster, say a new book every week ;)

    1. LMAO
      I'm aiming for one a month and struggling to hold to my schedule. One a week... that's gonna be hard ;)


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