Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Writing Update

Let's see what I was supposed to write this month...

The 'vampire and robot story' was finished as needed, although none of it did turn out as planned! It's with my editor now, and will be released on Goodreads as part of the Love Has No Boundaries event. It's rather a strange story, told from the robot's point of view, and I'm curious to see what my editor will think of it.

Next was the 3rd part of Ward of the Vampire. Good progress on it, I'm about 1/3rd through and pretty happy with the way things are evolving. I titled it 'Awkward Holidays' and we should be on track for a July release. Before that, I'll have more comic pages to share, and of course part 2 is coming on May 14th...

Another sequel... the 3rd part of the QuickSilver Codex series: not as much progress here as I hoped, but still moving forward. I've been taking a break from it to work on the edits for part 2, Quickening, which is on track for a June release.

As for the 3rd part of His Sire's New Pet... This one completely fell through. I got caught writing blog posts for the Beyond The Edge tour and... well, my pretty boys sort of fell to the side... oops!

I wrote 5 short pieces on the theme 'Bodyguard' for Full Moon Bites as well as another piece that will be posted toward the end of the tour.

One Last Lullaby is still moving along. Things are about to get tricky as time passes differently on Earth and in the demon dimension.

And of course edits. The bane of my writing existence ;)  I worked on edits for My Reluctant Warden, Quickening and A Kiss of Blood this month. So much time goes into these, I wish I could split myself and have one part of me edit, one part of me write and one part read at the same time!

And for the coming month...
  • More edits, of course. Quickening, A Kiss of Blood and the vampire and robot short will need to be cleaned up.
  • Awkward Holidays is at the top of my priorities list and I intend to finish the first draft this month.
  • One Last Lullaby, always.
  • Part 3 of the QuickSilver Codex. No definite goal, I just need it to keep moving forward.
  • I was hit by a Halloween story idea featuring Nathan and Joshua, the heroes of Under His Skin. I want to start jotting notes down and see where they want to take me...
  • One last flash fiction piece to write for the tour.

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