Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Wedding Fantasies - Lilia from CheckMate

My leading ladies do not always have lives in which marriage is an option, but that doesn't mean they can't imagine themselves in that traditional white gown...What kind of dress would they have picked if the occasion presented itself? Today, Lilia from my first novel, CheckMate.


Of course I’ve thought about it. Often. Hard not to when there’s a gold band on my ring finger, and a matching one on Vincent’s.

If you want to get technical, I’m the one who proposed. We were under a spell at time, but I wouldn’t take anything back even if I could. And, technically again, we are married by vampire standards. After all, that is what a Mating is about.

The rings we wear, though… There was no ceremony, no vows, no witnesses. He slipped the ring on my finger, gave me one to slip on his, and that was it. A symbol, just like the marks on both our throats.

But yes, I have thought about it since then. It’s still not legal for a vampire to marry anyone, but it doesn’t stop many of my kind from holding commitment ceremonies. We could do the same. I know Vincent would like that; for his friends, for his father, and even for himself. It could be one last human thing to do, and I think I might just suggest it. Propose again, I suppose.

As to what I’d wear… I’ll let you in on a secret. I don’t wear dresses all that much these days, but I do enjoy wearing them. When I was human, wearing a ballgown was my secret pleasure, and that’s what I’d choose for my wedding dress. A nice, tight corset – it’s not like I need to breathe, after all. A pretty décolleté. All of it in a nice, smooth fabric, but not shiny. And just like I used to carry back when I still had a pulse, a parasol to protect my delicate skin from stray rays of sunlight…

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