Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Shades of Pink Teaser - Highland Eclipse by Laura Hunsaker

Every day until the end of September, I will post here the blurb for one of the stories from the Shades of Pink charity anthology, as well as a teaser, and a short bio for the author. The anthology will be available on October 1st, with all proceeds going to breast cancer research but you can donate today and get it 5 days early! I invite you to come back, share the links for these teasers, tell your friends about it... It's all for a good cause! And if you tweet about it, you can use the hashtag #shadesofpink :)

Today, a glimpse from Highland Eclipse by Laura Hunsaker

As a member of an elite Time Ops team, Declan Wallace and his fellow Eclipse Agents keep the timeline in order. But what happens when he jumps back in time and meets the woman of his dreams? Staying in the past is forbidden, but Fiona McClure is his destiny.

Travelling through time was a bitch. If he had to do it again today, his head might split open. Declan Wallace worked for the Department of Homeland Security, but he worked for a non-existent sector. His job? Time Ops. They called themselves the Eclipse Team. The first time anyone had time jumped had been during an eclipse, so the name stuck.

Working undercover was always exciting, with each job bringing its own risks. Normally, he didn’t mind the constant work, but this time, he was ready for a break.

His Commanding Officer Captain Jackson Tremaine stopped him.

“We need you to go to Scotland ASAP. I know you’ve just returned from assignment, but our contact is requesting you.” Jackson’s British accent softened the words, but it was still hard to hear.

Mentally exhausted, Declan nodded, figuring he’d pop a couple of aspirin and head back out into the field. Besides, he was intrigued at who the contact could be. They had very few who knew about them; it was dangerous to let natives know what Time Ops was.

“Which contact do we have in Scotland?”


Declan nearly growled. He should have guessed. The damn MacRae men had been poaching women from the twenty-first century, and if he had to go clean up one more of their messes, he might not be as professional as he ought to.

Sometimes fate stepped in and through magical means people were dragged back in time. Declan’s job was to intervene making sure those who were meant to remain in the past stayed there. Every now and then though, someone would cross time who wasn’t meant to be there. That was another part of Declan’s job. The hunt. He’d track them and drag them back where they belonged. And if an agent went rogue? Well, no one could hide from Declan. No one. There’s a reason he was the best. For this assignment he would use his skills for recon only. Piece of cake. Not one to complain, he rolled his shoulders and held his hand out for the flash drive his CO held.

“Everything you need is in that file. You can key in the coordinates yourself. Don’t forget to change. You know the drill.” With that, Jackson turned and walked away.

Yeah, he knew the drill.

Declan had just returned from 1942 and was dressed as a soldier. He’d see Ginny in wardrobe for his new clothes later. Figuring he’d shower in his office, he marched down the hall. Hell he spent more time there than he did in his apartment, that everything he needed was already here. He hoped his fish hadn’t died this time. Maybe it was time to admit that he didn’t even have time in his life for fish? Sighing, he ran his hand through his hair. It was longer than anyone else’s in the Time Ops department, but he went undercover the most. Hard to blend in when you had a high and tight cut.

After his shower, Declan walked into his office to see that Ginny had already stopped by. His latest costume hung from the doorframe. Yeah he called it a costume, because nothing beat a pair of jeans and a shirt, yet all of his jobs involved pantaloons, breeches, knee-high socks and high heels, or in his case today, a kilt and shirt.

Declan was one of the Time Ops’ best agents. He was a chameleon and could blend in anywhere, any time. And that was what made him so good.

Originally from Scotland, he was the best agent for this job. Not to mention he’d dealt with the MacRaes before. Booting up his computer, Declan plugged in the flash drive and prepared for his next mission.

Award Winning writer Laura Hunsaker writes both Time Travel Scottish Romance and Paranormal Romance. A hybrid author, she is both traditionally published and self-published, as well as a member of Romance Writers of America® Cactus Rose Chapter.

After earning degrees in English and German, with a specialty in British Literature, she taught for a few years, but is now lucky enough to write full-time. Look for more adventures in the Highlands with her latest stories Highland Games and Highlander Reborn.

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