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Shades of Pink Teaser - Pink Girl by Kate Baum

Every day until the end of September, I will post here the blurb for one of the stories from the Shades of Pink charity anthology, as well as a teaser, and a short bio for the author. The anthology will be available on October 1st, with all proceeds going to breast cancer research. I invite you to come back, share the links for these teasers, tell your friends about it... It's all for a good cause! And if you tweet about it, you can use the hashtag #shadesofpink :)

Today, a glimpse from Pink Girl by Kate Baum.

Grace could handle Vinnie’s possessiveness, no matter how overbearing. At least that’s what she thought…..until Vinnie makes a rash decision that will affect the rest of their lives together. Was she truly ready for everything that Vinnie wanted to give her?

In turn, was Vinnie ready for everything that Grace wanted to give him?

When I heard the shouting, I cringed as I stood just outside the front door of A and V Investigations. I had a morning class this semester, so I arrived later than the guys.

“Anthony! Get me out of it!” Vinnie bellowed through the door. He sounded angrier than usual, if that were possible.

“Vinnie! You can’t ignore a fucking subpoena.” Anthony seemed to be trying to remain calm.

“I’ll meet with the judge personally to explain my situation,” Vinnie answered menacingly.

Oh, this is NOT sounding good.

I opened the door to an exasperated Anthony. “Dear God, Vinnie. Do not meet with the judge. He’ll think your plan is to strong arm him.”

Jamal, who was leaning on the door to his office, started laughing. “Yeah Vin, that judge will take one look at your ugly mug and the last thought on his mind will be that you’re there to talk.”

“You’re not helping Jamal,” I chastised.

At the sound of my voice Vinnie turned to gaze at me and his expression immediately softened. “Grace, baby.”

When I heard the rumble of his voice change to a seductive tone as he spoke directly to me, my whole body trembled with pleasure. I can’t believe the sound of his voice still did that to me. I’d been dating him since June and moved in with him in September. Yet, I still shivered with desire whenever I heard him speak.

It’s ironic that his name is Vinnie because his voice is a perfect match with Vin Diesel. His tone was a deep resonating growl vibrating right through me. I guess he kind of looked like said actor, in that Vinnie kept his head shaved. However, only Vinnie could make a famous muscular action star look like a pipsqueak. He was six foot four and by far the broadest man I’ve ever seen on the New York City streets. His biceps alone are as big as my head. I’ve seen cashiers actually look afraid whenever he approaches a counter. I’m not sure if it’s his size or the deep scar that runs on one side of his face.

Oh yes, he’s scary looking…Almost brutal—and I have him wrapped around my finger.

“Thank God, Grace.” Anthony looked totally relieved. “Maybe you can talk some sense into him.”

“What’s going on Vinnie?” My eyes locked with his. I have this habit of picking up the emotions of people around me. It was even worse with people I cared about. Vinnie looked distressed and I immediately wanted to comfort him.

“I was just served a subpoena—for Monday.”

“It’s for the case Vinnie worked on for Journey Farm Insurance. The defendant has a good lawyer and is fighting the charges. May I remind you all…Journey Farm is one of our biggest clients?” Anthony lectured.

He didn’t have to remind me. I was the office manager and did the billing. I knew how much money they earned by contracting with Journey Farm.

On Monday, Vinnie and I planned on flying out to Boston. One of my best friends, Janie, just recently survived a brutal assault. We all breathed a sigh of relief when the guy was caught and convicted. He was being sentenced on Tuesday with Janie scheduled to give a victim’s impact testimony. I needed to be there to support her. “It’s not a big deal, Vinnie. I can go by myself.”

Vinnie planned on coming with me. “Absolutely not!”


Kate Baum is a librarian who resides in the Hudson Valley area of New York. She lives with her husband of 23 years and 5 children. Their busy household also includes a dog and a cat adopted by the local rescue shelter. When she isn’t working, cooking, doing laundry or being a taxi driver to her kids, she loves to write down her fantasies.

Kate is the author of the Girl Series, a contemporary erotic romance series that focuses on four best friends. Grace, Eve, Janie, and Dee juggle careers, friendships and relationships all while searching for their happily ever after. For more information, visit www.katebaum.com

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