Saturday, September 14, 2013

Shades of Pink Teaser - Pink Rose by Perci T. Brooks

Every day until the end of September, I will post here the blurb for one of the stories from the Shades of Pink charity anthology, as well as a teaser, and a short bio for the author. The anthology will be available on October 1st, with all proceeds going to breast cancer research. I invite you to come back, share the links for these teasers, tell your friends about it... It's all for a good cause! And if you tweet about it, you can use the hashtag #shadesofpink :)

Today, a glimpse from Pink Rose by Perci T. Brooks

Kyan is a popular High Schooler, the Queen of the School. Then everything changed once she learned she had breast cancer. Now, unsure and feeling different, she thinks love is just a song she’ll never sing. Until Pays Kwak confesses she has always been the Queen of his Heart.

Kyan Overton looked at herself in the full length mirror that was across from her bed. She stared at the image hard and still couldn’t believe it. She had beaten it yes, but look at the cost.

“Kyan.” Her mother called from the door just as she knocked.

“Just a minute.” She grabbed her dark pink flannel robe and threw it on. “Come in, mother.”

The older woman smiled. “Look at you. You’re looking so much better.” She set two pills beside the bed with a glass of apple juice. “So beautiful you are.”

“How is that possible?” Kyan plopped down on the edge of her bed beside her nightstand, taking the pills with the amber looking liquid.

Shirley looked at her youngest child. “Whatever do you mean, sweetheart?”

Kyan’s eyes looked down at her chest. “I’m a freak, mom. How many women do you know who have only one boob?”

The long haired woman sat beside her little girl placing an arm around her and pulling her close. “Sweetie. It had to be done and you know that.”

She wiped some tears away. “I feel like I deserve it though.”

“Why do you say that, Kyan?”

“Because at school I’m popular and I would bully the other students around for years and now look at me?” she paused to hold back any sobs. “I’m hideous.”

“Baby, listen. This didn’t happen because you deserve it. It happens to anyone. We tried chemo and it wasn’t working so we went the next step. There are other options for you. You can stuff your bra like others or get breast implants.” She rubbed her arm.

“Aunty Sally had it and her boob didn’t have to be taken?” Then again the treatment worked for her. “I’m tired mom.”

Letting go of her teenage daughter, Shirley kissed her forehead. “Get some rest. You go back to school soon.” She helped her into bed and brushed strands of brown back. “Remember you didn’t deserve this, but take this time to think about everything.”

The young girl felt another kiss then heard the soft sound of her bedroom door closing.

Perci T. Brooks is a California native who lives with her family, 2 dogs and 4 cats. She first got into writing when she read R.L. Stine books and wanted to write just like him, but she couldn’t write thrillers like him. She got help from her sister who told her to write what she knows and she worked on her craft over the years. Now writes in young adult, romance, romance suspense, LGBT genres. You can follow Perci at

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