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Shades of Pink Teaser - Real Men Wear Pink by Lisa M. Harley

Every day until the end of September, I will post here the blurb for one of the stories from the Shades of Pink charity anthology, as well as a teaser, and a short bio for the author. The anthology will be available on October 1st, with all proceeds going to breast cancer research but you can donate today and get it 5 days early! I invite you to come back, share the links for these teasers, tell your friends about it... It's all for a good cause! And if you tweet about it, you can use the hashtag #shadesofpink :)

Today, a glimpse from Real Men Wear Pink by Lisa M. Harley

In Real Men Wear Pink you'll catch up with characters from Destined to Change. Jaxon Daniels and Loralei Harper are happy. They are engaged and expecting a baby soon. This is a fun, sexy story where Jaxon and Sammy prove that real men really do wear pink.

“Jaxon, are you about done?” I asked, as I finished paying for my purchases at the counter. We’d been shopping all damn day. Jaxon was worse than me about clothes. He knew what he liked, and he wouldn’t settle for anything less. My best friend, Emma, invited us to a party to celebrate her new catering business. She was holding it in the only place in Kipton that was big enough for a party, the American Legion hall. So all the man needed to buy was a shirt and maybe some new jeans. Nothing fancy—nothing special.

I heard Jaxon respond from the changing room that was right around the corner from the counter I was standing at. “Just about, babe. Perfection takes time. Now either stop rushing me, or get your sweet ass in here and help me out.”

I walked over to the changing room and lightly knocked on the door. In a whisper, I responded, “I can’t come in there to help you, because then we’ll get kicked out of my favorite store. I cannot be banned from my favorite clothing store for having sex with my fiancé in a changing room. Ain’t gonna happen. I don’t care how hot said fiancé is.”

“But, baby, it would be so worth it. This whole room is covered in mirrors. Imagine the possibilities,” a chuckle came from deep in his chest.

Now back to what I said earlier, my fiancé is hot. I mean smoking hot, like I wanna lick his face and all other body parts kinda hot. Dark hair and the most amazing golden brown eyes, with those damn long eyelashes that every girl would kill for, but only men get because they can use them to torment us. I still can’t believe he’s mine and we will be married soon. Oh, and I’m pregnant. This makes me want sex constantly. When I was pregnant with the twins, I don’t remember it being like that, but of course, I was still mourning the loss of their father. I really don’t think sex was something that was even on my radar. Actually, I know it wasn’t. And it stayed that way for ten long years. Now that I had Jaxon in my life, not only did he make me amazingly happy and complete, he was super, super hot. I think even Emma was a little in love with him. Who am I kidding? All women within a hundred mile radius wanted him. That thought should upset me, but it totally turned me on. Yep, pregnancy brain equals horny brain.

“Jaxon, please hurry up. I need to pee,” I yelled as I tossed a hanger over the changing room door.

“Damn, what a way to kill the mood, babe. And by the way, that hurt. You shouldn’t throw shit at people like that. It’s not what respectable country girls do.”

“No, it’s not. A respectable country girl would pull that door open and kick you in the shin with her cowboy boot. I was being nice,” I laughed.

“I’m almost done. Just go have a seat and I’ll be out before you know it.”

“Jaxon, you do realize you’re a man, right? Men aren’t supposed to care about their clothes,” I said, only half jokingly.

The door opened and Jaxon walked out with not a single piece of clothing in his hands. “I’ll come back by myself. Perfection can’t be rushed. I need to look good for this party. I’m still trying to impress your friends, but I can’t let you pee all over yourself while I try to find the perfect outfit.”

“The perfect outfit? Oh my god! I’m marrying a girl,” I shook my head and started to walk away from him. He gently pulled my arm until my body was pressed fully against his. Leaning in he placed several soft kisses from my shoulder to right below my ear. I could feel his breath against my neck. He nibbled on my earlobe while he reached behind me and firmly squeezed my backside pulling me even tighter against him.

He pulled back and looked down at me through his dark eyelashes, with that smirk I fell in love with. “Still think you’re marrying a girl, baby?”

I tried to speak, but damn if I wasn’t all hot and bothered. This man could turn me on just by saying my name, but when he touched me it felt like fire spreading through my entire body. It took a moment for the fire to cool enough for me to respond. “No, baby. You’re definitely not a girl.”

“Damn straight,” he laughed as he swatted me on the butt before he took my hand in his. “Now let’s go find a bathroom for my beautiful, pregnant fiancé before she has an accident.” Surprisingly enough, I’d completely forgotten that I needed to pee.

Meet Lisa M. Harley…

I grew up in a really small town in Missouri. Very similar to the fictional towns I write about. I moved to the big city right after I graduated. I work full-time and I am mom to a beautiful little girl.

I started writing in October 2012 when a group I am a member of had a prologue contest. I didn't win the contest, but everyone who read my prologue asked for more of my story. I decided I had to finish it and get these characters that were in my head out on paper. During the writing process it became clear that these characters had a lot to say. So I realized my story was really a series: The Destined Series

Also, I am slightly addicted to Facebook and Voxer. Please message me on either one...I would love to hear from ya'll.

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