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Shades of Pink Teaser - Surprise Weekend Getaway by K. R. Haynes

Every day until the end of September, I will post here the blurb for one of the stories from the Shades of Pink charity anthology, as well as a teaser, and a short bio for the author. The anthology will be available on October 1st, with all proceeds going to breast cancer research but you can donate today and get it 5 days early! I invite you to come back, share the links for these teasers, tell your friends about it... It's all for a good cause! And if you tweet about it, you can use the hashtag #shadesofpink :)

Today, a glimpse from Surprise Weekend Getaway by K. R. Haynes

Holly had been in London for three long months now. Travis decided it was time to surprise his girl with a quick trip to London, and she has no idea he is even coming to see her. So when he rocks up at her town apartment, Holly is a little shocked and pleasantly surprised to see her man standing there ready to whisk her off for a dirty weekend in the country. It was definitely going to be a weekend full of deliciously decadent surprises.

Travis made it to the airport with just enough time to wiz through security and customs before his plane started to board. He was off to London to see his girl for the weekend. For the last three months, he had missed not being able to see her or touch her whenever he wanted to, which was all the damn time. It was beyond hard not having Holly nearby. The thousands of miles that separated them sometimes seemed like too much and other times the distance rarely bothered him. In those rare times it felt like she was there with him, well at least in his dreams she was. The video calls and internet chats they had almost daily, only quelled the achy need deep within him to be with her.

He needed more than the long dirty and highly arousing, teasing conversations they had over the phone to each other. So in his wisdom, Travis decided that he would make use of the four day long weekend that was coming up and arranged a little getaway into the countryside for him and his sweet darlin’. He made absolutely certain that Holly’s workload was light so she couldn’t refuse to go with him when he rocked up at her place to whisk her away. Plus, being out in the country would mean there would be no distractions for either one of them. It would be just him and her.

He could hardly wait to hold her in his arms once again, and smell that sweet scent of hers lingering seductively on her skin. Travis didn’t want to admit to himself, let alone anyone else, he longed to have some uninterrupted time with his girl. Some time alone with her, where he could get reacquainted with that luscious body she possessed and love his girl six ways to Sunday. Because at the end of the day, he only had until Sunday evening to be with her before his flight back to the States departed. Then he would be back to the lonely life he wanted to escape from even if it was just for the weekend. It was only a lonely life, because Holly wasn’t there with him, she was halfway around the world. Soon though, she would be returning back to New York and he was counting down the days until she would be back on home soil for good.

At least the flight to London wasn’t overly long, well, just over seven hours long which wasn’t half bad. The time kind of flew by, especially after watching a few of movies and before he knew it, the plane was getting ready to touch down at Heathrow Airport. Thank goodness. Now all he needed to do was find the rental car place he had already booked a vehicle from and then navigate his way to Holly’s little one bedroom town apartment she was staying in. That shouldn’t be too difficult.

He was so very wrong on that count alone.

After being stuck in traffic that didn’t seem to want to go anywhere, Travis finally pulled up outside the building Holly was staying in, an hour later than he had planned on. There was still plenty of time to drive to the little B&B he had booked for the weekend. As he walked up the stairwell that led to Holly’s apartment, Travis couldn’t help but feel a little nervous at seeing Holly again. Would she be pleasantly surprised to see him standing on her doorstep? Or would her reaction in seeing him there end up being something else entirely?

Deciding not to allow those unsaid questions to get the better of him, Travis straightened up his tie and smoothed down his navy blue suit jacket before pressing the doorbell. He smiled to himself at hearing the slightly strange tune that came from the doorbell. His sweet darlin’ was always full of surprises, including the crazy tune she had for her ring tone on her doorbell. Hearing the chain on the door jingle and the deadbolt being clicked unlocked, Travis held his breath as the door was eased opened. And there she stood, his girl in a soft pink knitted sweater and dark denim jeans with her long auburn locks pulled back in a high ponytail.

“Evening, Holly. How’s my sweet darlin’ doing tonight?”

She looked up at him at hearing his voice, and her eyes widened in shock then her face crumbled as tears fell from her eyes. It wasn’t exactly the reaction he was hoping for. Then she blubbered to him, “Travis! Oh my god, you’re here. You’re really here?”

“Yep, darlin’, I’m here to whisk you away for the weekend.”

She virtually threw herself at him then and he caught her in his arms as she wrapped hers around him tightly. For a few long moments they just held each, not saying a word, just listening to the sounds of each other breathing. Every so often, Travis heard the muffled little sobs coming from Holly as she cried her happiness at seeing him against his chest as he held her in his tight embrace.

K. R. Haynes currently resides in Tasmania, Australia. She has turned her love of reading erotic romance novels into a passion for writing her own erotic suspense BDSM series. Her debut novel series In Her Eyes followed swiftly by His Dark Promise, an erotic novella, has fans around the world eager for her next creation. When not writing and brainstorming new ideas for future books and sexy characters, K. R. Haynes enjoys cheering on her favorite AFL team, the Adelaide Crows, reading romantic fiction novels and catching up with friends and family for a good laugh or relaxing by the fire with a glass of her favorite Tasmania white wine.

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