Monday, October 28, 2013

Shades of Pink Interview - Bethan Cooper

After giving you teasers of the stories included in the Shades of Pink Charity Anthology in September, this month I'll tell you a little more about the authors involved. I interviewed them with questions about their contributions, their writing life, their works in progress...

Today, Bethan Cooper

Kallysten - First, thank you for being a part of this anthology. How did the idea for ‘Pretty Little Rockstar’ come to you?

Bethan Cooper - Well, after I saw the advertisement for the anthology, and it needed a theme of 'pink' I knew the story straight away. I used to have pink in my hair, and always loved bright extravagant colours.
I also love Rock music, so that's why I based it at the famous 'Download Festival' that takes place here every year in the UK.

K - You mention several bands and songs through the story. Are they imaginary or real bands? How about the songs?

BC - Most of the bands are real. Apart from 'Misguided Ghosts' which is Jack's band in the story.
The band 'Amateur Fight Club' that's mentioned, two of my very good friends are in this band, and I would strongly suggest people go look them up ;) They're freaking amazing.

K - Do you have a writing routine? A special place where you sit down to write? A favorite drink or snack you keep at your side while you work?

BC - When it comes to me, I write it. I have near on 200 notes on my iPhone from book ideas, for new and old projects. I don't have a routine as I work 5/6 days a week so I squeeze as much as my muse allows on my days off :)

K - What is your favorite thing about being a writer?

BC - Being able to write whatever the hell I want. I have also made some pretty amazing friends during my writing journey. They're all amazing.

K - Can you tell us about your current writing project or next release?

BC - I have Never Say Goodbye due for release soon, it's still in major edits. I also have a co-written novel 'Your Little Secret' coming out in 2013.

K - Would you care to share an excerpt from it?

BC - Excerpt from Never Say Goodbye.

He breaks off and kisses my neck, I cant help but giggle. I try wriggle free but he pulls away and laughs.


“Maybe” I whisper.

“Shall we test my theory?” He smiles, and reaches for me, his hands looking to invade my body.

“No please don't!” I scream. I put my hands out in front of me to try to stop him. Of course it’s hopeless he is all muscle of a man. It starts a chase, and we end up running around the front of the restaurant, him trying to catch me. He catches me but instead of my expectant tickles he lets my giggles subside, and puts his hands on my waist and looks deep into my eyes, his knuckles grazing my cheek. It suddenly turns serious. He pulls me close and kisses me again, deeply and passionately, like he's desperate for me and my taste. I moan as I have a dosage of butterflies erupt in my body taking me over, possessively.

K - Thank you again for being a part of Shades of Pink. Any last word before I let you go back to your writing?

BC - Thank you for letting me contribute. Keep rocking. ;)

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