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Shades of Pink Interview - JJ Ellis

After giving you teasers of the stories included in the Shades of Pink Charity Anthology in September, this month I'll tell you a little more about the authors involved. I interviewed them with questions about their contributions, their writing life, their works in progress...

Today, JJ Ellis

Kallysten - Thank you once again for being a part of this project. I found your contribution, ‘A Single Pink Rose’, to be quite touching in that it touches that odd sort of depression that sometimes comes over us and that we can’t really explain. Can you tell us how the story idea came to you?

JJ Ellis - This story Idea actually came from a book I started back in 2005 and completed in August of this year. It is touched upon in the story but not many details are given. This was the perfect opportunity to expand on the sweet notion of a single pink rose.

K -The heroine’s favorite flower, as the title suggests, is a pink rose. What’s yours? When was the last one you received one?

JJE - I adore roses of all colors but if I had to choose a favorite I would have to say red. The last time I received roses was on Mother’s Day this year (2013). My husband buys me roses for just about every special occasion and it never gets old!

K - The characters in your story have nicknames for each other. Do you think nicknames are important in a relationship to show affection? Are there limits, such as negotiating the meaning of a nickname like in the story?

JJE - I don’t think nicknames are necessary for showing affection but when it comes to my writing I absolutely love giving the people those nicknames. For some reason, only on the written page, it seems to round out the characters more and make them unique. I would absolutely hate to see someone given a nickname that was hateful or demeaning. I personally have one that some would find demeaning but because it was given to me during a joking, fun time with my husband I don’t mind it at all. I know when he calls me that particular nickname, it means he loves me. I think pretty much any nickname could be like that. But then again I wouldn’t go spouting ‘questionable’ terms of endearment like that in public either. Those are more for alone time or in repeats of the situation where the nickname was received.

K - Looking at your back list, I noticed the main characters of some of your books share a last name with the heroine. Can you tell us about the connection of this short to the series?

JJE - This short comes from book two of my series. The main characters have a history with ‘a single pink rose’ and for this story I expanded on it and told how this part of their history came about. But I like that it can stand alone with deep meanings of love and as you said before, that specific kind of depression that comes from out of nowhere.

K - Can you tell us about your current writing project or next release?

JJE - I am busy working on my series. I am currently writing book four, entitled Wild Waves. I have five books planned and probably won’t write much else (other than a few shorts) until it is done.

K - Would you care to share an excerpt from it?
Thomas heard the Mannon's before he saw them as he and Abigail stepped onto the ship. He hung back and let the long unseen daughter reunite with her family. And of course there was no avoiding setting eyes on the love of his life and the bane of his existence. As Vanessa waited her turn to hug Abigail, Thomas took in the sight of her from behind a luggage rack. She looked more beautiful than ever. Her wavy red hair hung down past her waist now and her big green eyes were as bright as ever. And damn, her soft, perfect curves were a bit more rounded with maturity. She was his vision of absolute perfection. The only thing different now was the subtly sad look that briefly swept across her face once in a while as she looked around her. He couldn't help but wonder if it was because of his impending presence on her family's vacation. He suddenly couldn't stand the thought of disrupting her reunion with Abigail, so he quickly slipped away.

K - Thank you again for being a part of Shades of Pink. Any last word before I let you go back to your writing?

JJE - I would just like to say thank you very much for giving me this opportunity to share my joy of writing and romance for such a wonderful cause.

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