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Shades of Pink Interview - Kristin Wilson

After giving you teasers of the stories included in the Shades of Pink Charity Anthology in September, this month I'll tell you a little more about the authors involved. I interviewed them with questions about their contributions, their writing life, their works in progress...

Today, Kristin Wilson

Kallysten - First, thank you very much for contributing a story to this anthology, as well as volunteering your time to edit some of the other stories. Are you in a different ‘mind zone’ when you edit compared to when you write? If so, how do you shift from one to the other?

KW - Quite honestly, I have truly enjoyed the opportunity to help edit a lot of the stories in this anthology! It is an amazing collection of stories by some really fantastic writers. Editing is entirely different than sitting down to write - and truth be told, I CANNOT edit my own work. Period. When I sit down with a work to edit, I will read through the story once just to get a feel and will mark any errors that stand out. Then it is onto dissecting each sentence, each word, each little bit of punctuation. (Thanks so much to my 8th grade English teacher for teaching me how to properly diagram sentences. Who ever knew that would come in handy one day?) I keep a vast library of reference books in my office that litter the floor around me when I am working on a story so that I can easily double and triple check anything. I usually do not even try to shift from one to the other in one day - if I am editing someone's work, I do not even attempt to get any writing of my own in.

K - Your story deals with intergalactic relations (and relationships). What is it you enjoy about writing or reading science-fiction?

KW - I guess you could say that I cut my teeth on the bedtime stories my father read to us, which included tales such as The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury, as well as stories by Isaac Asimov and other science fiction greats. I've loved the genre since then, and usually you do best to write what you read, and writing science fiction and fantasy comes much easier to me than, for instance, historical fiction. Don't get me wrong - I love to read almost all genres of fiction, but there is just something about delving into long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away. (Yes, I am also a certified Star Wars Geek!)

K - Your website offers tips about grammar and editing. How did you get started on that journey?

KW - I have been doing freelance editing since 2004, although prior to that I seemed to always be the "go to person" if someone had a question about grammar or syntax. I have always loved the English language, with all its complexities, and earned my Bachelor's in English in 1995. I started Writing Bits only a year ago or so, mostly as a result of doing more and more work with Indie authors. I am a huge fan of Indie authors, but I started to notice the same errors in grammar and spelling over and over in blogs as well as in novels and short stories. I understand that these authors don't always have the budget to hire an editor (although, we really are NOT expensive!) and I wanted to offer some quick tips on errors that I see occur most often. For example, when to use "its" or "it's" or "your" versus "you're." I am always happy to help authors with excerpts they are struggling with, to be that "extra set of eyes," and I've done several Beta reads as well.

K - Can you tell us about your current writing or editing project?

KW - I am back to finishing up a novella tentatively titled "The Hunt" which has been on the back burner while working on the Shades of Pink Anthology. After that, I plan on finishing up a novel that I started to develop several years ago and is my take on the Arthurian myths and lore. That one requires a greater deal of research and study to be as accurate as possible.

K - Thank you again for being a part of Shades of Pink. Any last word before I let you go back to your writing?

KW - Actually, thank you, Kallysten, for putting this wonderful anthology together! It is for such an important cause, and I am very happy to be a part of it.

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  1. Thanks Kristin for editing my story. Its great to learn more about you and to find another Star Wars and sci fi geek.. Loved your story.


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