Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday Five - Five stories churning at the back of my mind


At the moment, I'm working on the 3rd installment of the QuickSilver Codex series, as well as editing two stories for my YA alter-ego Angela Yseult. Here are five stories I have at the back of my mind and will need to put down into words at some point...

** His Sire's New Toy
A sequel to His Sire's New Pet and His Sire's New Game, this one was on my list for 2013 but got pushed aside in favor of the Ward serial. Poor, poor neglected, kinky boys...

** Sharper Edges
The next part in the On The Edge / Out of the Box series. I can't wait to figure out how Brett is adapting to his new life... and how the people around him are dealing, too.

** the untitled tattooed fallen angel of doom story
I fell in love with the image I'll use for the cover and was excited about giving it a story... and now I've fallen prey to the fear of not making the story good enough for the image... talk about a silly writer block!

** Delilah's and Irene's stories
They weren't all that pleasant in the Ward of the Vampire serial, but that's because we were seeing them through Angelina's eyes. I think they'll have a lot to say for themselves when I start questioning them...

** the sequel to Moonlust
Four years... I've been thinking about that sequel for four full years... It might be time to finally get around to it...

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