Thursday, February 20, 2014

Question for my readers

I have a question and I'd love to hear YOUR thoughts.

A lot of reviews for the Ward of the Vampire serial complain that the story is divided in installments and you have to buy 5 books to get the full story.

The way I see it, it costs less $5 to buy the entire serial (less than $4 if you get the first one free on the first day of any month) and for that you get over 160.000 word / about 450 pages. Personally, as a reader and writer, I think that's a pretty nice deal just on a page number against dollars ratio. If I had sold the serial as one book from the start, it'd definitely have been for a price higher than $5.

Is having to buy 5 books that annoying? Should I give up on serials and focus on 'plain', 'regular length' novels? From where I'm standing, that'll be a lot faster as it might be only half as long as the full serial.

Just thought I'd ask for readers' thoughts. any and all opinions appreciated.


  1. I'm going to have to trade length for cost? No thank you! Give me longer installments with reasonable cost, which is what you're doing now :) I admit that if given a choice, and the price and pages were the same, I would choose a full length novel over installments. That's just a matter of convenience. If your asking us to sacrifice pages, then NO! Keep the installments! I love your books no matter ;)

  2. Personally, I like the serials, especially if the 1st is offered for free. If I like it, I can buy the next. That's the way it's supposed to work, right?

    PS: I read the Vampire's ward. I have the reluctant warden, but am not sure if that is the next book. I'd really like it if you numbered your serials. Either in the title or in the book description.


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