Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday Five - 5 TV shows that taught me something about writing’ve always been a TV-holic. Growing up, if I didn’t have a book in my hands, then surely the television was on. It’s much the same these days: if I’m not writing or reading, odds are, something is playing on the tube. Often, it’s just background noise. But every so often, I pick up something from my favorite shows that I try to use in my writing.

remains to this day one of my favorite series… and not just because I had a big crush on Ben Browder! Sci-fi was my first love, and the first genre I ever wrote in. What I took from Farscape was that often, jumping right in the middle of things is the best way to hook the viewer… or reader. In a large number of episodes, we jump aboard the ship right as an alarm is sounding, or characters are running around in panic, and only later do we find out what’s going on. It’s something I try to do as often as 
possible with my stories, even if it sometimes means cutting off the first chapter.

Buffy was my first vampire show… and it hooked me forever to creatures of the night! It has become a cult series and there are a lot of greats things about the storytelling in that universe, but one thing I try to emulate, although it doesn’t come easily to me, is to add humor into my stories to break up the tension or let the characters - and the readers - ‘breathe’.
Firefly, which was canceled much too soon, taught me that sometimes, even one’s best effort just doesn’t find an audience… or at least, not immediately. To me, it means giving up on a set of characters is never the answer, even if I'm the only one who loves them. (yes, I know, it did not air as a TV show but you’ll forgive this small twist of my topic because it’s an important lesson) made it quite clear to me that if you build up something over time, you HAVE to give it a proper ending. Anything slapdashed is an insult to the viewers or readers who have been following your story so far.

And finally, Game of Thrones is constantly teaching me something I need to put into practice soon. No, I don't mean I'm going to start killing off my characters every other chapter. The lesson here is simple: dragons make stories a hundred times better ;-)


  1. Yay Dragons! I think you do a great job with the humor, especially when writing children. One of my all time favorite Jacob quotes still is "Sometimes, there wasn't enough eww in the world." makes me laugh every time.

    1. Thank you dear. It doesn't come naturally to me - my sense of humor tends to run on the extreme sarcasm end of the spectrum - but i try!


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