Saturday, May 3, 2014


For a while now I've been working on a wiki for my stories, with all the info about the books, characters, places and story world in one place. It's a daunting task, but rewarding, too, as I can show how everything or almost is connected, which is one of the fun things for me as I write.

I'm still not quite ready to open it to visitors but I do have a question and I'd be quite grateful if you would answer. 

What would YOU be most interested in seeing in a wiki about books? Background info about characters? Their description? Anecdotes about writing? Pictures about the places / objects / ?? featured in the books? Anything else? 

Right now I have pages about the books with blurbs, covers and writing anecdotes. I also have pages about the characters with short biographies and links to all the stories they're featured in. I'm thinking of addng pictures or drawings of them. I'm also working on write-outs of important places such as The Edge club for example, and trying to do maps / plans to show the layout.

All thoughts appreciated!


  1. I like what you mentioned such as bio, descriptions and pictures of the characters.
    Background info on the world and how the characters inter-connect sound great to me since I was wondering about some of that.
    I receive your newsletter so I'm not sure if I missed this post in it, so sorry about the late comment. After reading the latest chapter on Last Lullaby, I decided to click on the Blog spot so found this entry. Maybe others missed it too.

    1. Another proof that i'm terrible at getting the word out about anything i do...!
      Thak you for taking the time to answer :)


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