Saturday, August 23, 2014

My Sexy Saturday #1 - Our Sexy Life

This week's theme for My Sexy Saturday is one that's very dear to my heart: what happens after 'the end'? I've revisited a lot of my stories with sequels, epilogues, or bits of flash fiction just because I need to know that my characters are still happy after I've left them.

It's something I did with Kate, Marc and Blake, for example, the heroes of the Blurred Trilogy. I came back to them for an epilogue, The Last Sunset, which was first published last year as part of the Shades of Pink charity anthology, and which is now available for free on my website.

Here are 7 paragraphs from this story, just to turn on the heat a little...
She was still shaking, her heart still hammering beneath Marc’s spread fingers when she felt Blake’s cock brush against her slippery folds. She only had time to wrap her mind around the thought that he was coating himself in her wetness and already he was pressing in, slowly but inexorably stretching her and filling her. She sighed when he stilled, his entire length now inside her.

She would have encouraged him to move, or wrapped her arms around him to draw him closer, but both speaking and moving were beyond her at the moment. Besides, he knew what she wanted, and his slight smile as he started to rock inside her said as much.

For a little while, Marc reclined next to them, one hand stroking his cock lazily while the other caressed them both in turn; his eyes burned as brightly as Blake’s, the same need—the same love—radiating from both men.

With each slow thrust from Blake’s hips, pleasure reignited inside Kate, but something was off. Something was missing.


At the moment she started to reach out to Marc, Blake did the same. They grinned at each other, then at Marc.

“Join us,” Kate said, and Blake echoed the words.


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