Saturday, August 30, 2014

My Sexy Saturday #2 - Our Sexy Starry Night

For this week's My sexy Saturday, we're looking up to the stars... and beyond!

Here's a rather steamy excerpt from my M/M/M space opera novella published by Samhain, Moonlust.

“Will… Yes… More…”

Even with the dull rumble of the engines, so close now as Kar changed an air filter in the machine room, Jay’s breathy voice was all he could hear. A jolt of pure need coursed through him before his mind even registered the words, and he found himself staring at the comm console on the wall. The red light on the upper left side indicated that the line was open in the cockpit.

Shaking his head, he focused on the filter again and finished sliding the cover in place. Then he stood and dusted off his knees, glancing at the comm again. That Jay was in the cockpit did not surprise Kar. They had been jumping for more than half an hour, and there were still many jumps ahead of them. That Will was with him was probably not that surprising, either. But that they would—

A louder, wordless moan caused the short hairs at the nape of his neck to rise.

He started toward the cockpit. No, he really wasn’t all that surprised that they would screw in the cockpit in the middle of jumps with the comm open. He wasn’t surprised that they were screwing, period. Will’s first question when he had visited the Danaus as a prospective recruit had been, “So, is Blue Eyes just your nav, or is he more than that?” Kar had known how things would end the moment he had hired Will. Maybe, if he was honest with himself, he had hoped they would end this way, so that he would be able to stop wondering what it’d be like if Jay were more than just his navigator.

The last thing he needed was to get involved with a member of the Lodge. That would not end well. Kar had never heard of anyone else born into the power and wealth of the Lodge rejecting everything that was their birthright to wander from system to system, but he could not imagine that the Lodge would let Jay go free so easily. He knew too much about the inner workings of the Lodge to be allowed to simply walk away forever. Maybe they would give him time to realize he had made a mistake, but Kar didn’t doubt that, sooner or later, Jay would return to the fold, willingly or not. Kar had decided when hiring him that he would take advantage of his knowledge as long as he could, but when the Lodge finally sent its Guardians to bring Jay back, Kar would not be foolish enough to stand in their way. Better if someone else made that mistake, someone like Will, someone who couldn’t be a day older than eighteen even if his work license claimed he was twenty-five like Jay.

The cockpit was only a few feet away, and Kar stopped, resting a hand on the wall as he composed himself. He could hear Jay’s continuous moaning behind him through the comm and ahead of him through the open cockpit door. He breathed in deeply and let the air out through his clenched teeth. Even here, a hint of musk drifted in the air. His cock had hardened uncomfortably in his pants, but he refused to touch it even to adjust himself. He was going to barge in there, scare the hell out of them, and teach them a lesson in humiliation. Then, maybe, they’d stop acting like oversexed teenagers. It wasn’t like they didn’t have a bed to share.

Walking as quietly as he knew how, he moved on to the cockpit, his mouth already opening for reproaches. It closed with a snap when he reached the door.

From behind and to their right, he couldn’t really see much more than Jay’s profile and very little of Will as he kneeled in front of him, but Kar’s imagination provided him with graphic details. His cock responded with a painful twitch, and it was all he could do not to let his moan join Jay’s. He leaned against the side of the door and peered in, unable to take his eyes off them. Jay’s head was tilted back, the tendons of his neck strung tightly. The bruise Will had planted there earlier stood out against his pale skin. His mouth was open and his breathing was ragged, stopping every few seconds on a gasp. His hands were beneath the console, hiding what little of Will’s face Kar could glimpse.

The wet sounds of Will’s mouth went straight to Kar’s dick, and he couldn’t stop himself from pressing his palm against it. He relished the pressure, imagining it was another’s hand on him, another’s mouth—Will’s mouth, his impossibly dark eyes looking up at him as he swallowed around him, just like he had to be doing to Jay now, to make him moan so loudly and—

Biting the inside of his cheek so he wouldn’t make a noise, Kar forced himself to take a step back, then another one, until he couldn’t see them anymore. He could still hear, though—Jay’s harsh panting slowly calming down, then wet kissing noises and words that he didn’t want to listen to. He hurried down the corridor and turned left toward the living quarters. He closed the door of his cabin behind him and, his fists tight at his sides, regained control over his breathing. When he had, he pushed the call button on the comm console.

“Jay?” He was relieved to hear his voice come out at its normal pitch. “We haven’t jumped in a while. Engines giving you trouble?”

There was a mutter, and then a shrill noise when Jay tried to turn on his already-broadcasting comm. After a brief pause, he said in a voice that was just shy of breathless, “No, not the engines, I… My math is getting rusty. I had to check our jumps so far. We’ll start moving again in a minute.”

“Okay. Warn us when you’re ready.”

Kar could hear a muffled laugh before Jay muttered, “Will do,” and closed the line.

As he let himself fall on his bed and unbuttoned his pants, Kar could only wonder why he hadn’t called Jay on his lie. Why he hadn’t interrupted him and Will.

He wondered, mostly, what he would have liked best—being in that chair or beneath that console.



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