Saturday, September 13, 2014

My Sexy Saturday #3 - Sexy Into You

This week's theme was about couples who just can't stay away from each other even when events conspire against them or when they know they should stay apart, and it was easy to pick an excerpt and a story...
Meet Olivia and Logan from His Lover's Fangs...
Movement caught her eye through the open bathroom door. Her sudden smile bared her fangs. Jackpot. Logan was standing in the shower, oblivious to the show he offered her. Her eyes followed the curve of his neck and slid down along his back to his firm ass. Silly, silly man. How had she ever—

Another memory seared her mind and senses, overwhelming her. They’d been sharing a bath, and one thing had led to another, and she had soon been bent over, her hands flat on the edge of the tub, groaning with each slide of Logan’s cock inside her, so hot and hard—

She squeezed her thighs together, relishing the pressure. She almost cursed when she realized she had missed him stepping out of the shower. He was wearing a robe now, and it remained open, revealing a long strip of his muscled chest, tanned skin, and the dark curls from which his cock hung, heavy and thick even at rest. Olivia’s eyes followed him as he walked around the room, oblivious to her presence—or not that oblivious, after all. He had just picked up the crossbow from the wall and turned straight toward her, aiming the wooden arrow in the direction of the open window. His accuracy with that thing was excellent; she had trained him herself.

“Logan, my love,” she started, raising a hand to her still heart. “It’s all so different—”

“Don’t even try.” His voice was sharp as a knife. “We learned that lesson together, remember?”

She shrugged, grinning, and dropped the pretense. “What can I say? You look so fuckable, I had to try.”

He didn’t acknowledge that she had spoken, but for just a second, the crossbow wavered.

“Why are you here?”

Her smile vanished. Ice encased her chest, making it hard for her to breathe—until she remembered she didn’t need to.

“You know why. You killed my Sire.”

“I did my job. And I avenged the woman I loved.”

Despite herself, she growled. “You tore a hole in my chest and mind, that’s what you did! Did you even stop to think about it? You knew it would happen. They told us at the Academy about that. Don’t you remember?”

“Go for Childer first,” he quoted, straight out of the textbook. “Killing their Sire might make them insane with pain and that much harder to kill.”

She took a step closer to the window and rested both her hands on the invisible magic barrier that was stopping her from entering. “Why didn’t you do it, then?” she asked. “Why not follow protocol?”

He lowered the crossbow and used his free hand to hold the robe closed. When he met her gaze, she could see rare tears in his proud eyes. Closing her fists, she pounded on the barrier, resulting in nothing more than to make him start slightly in surprise.

“I knew she had killed,” he said softly. “I didn’t know if you…”

She snorted when he couldn’t even finish. And to think she’d once believed he was a better Special Enforcer than she was! To think she had come here believing it would be a fitting end to their story! She was a fool, that was what she was. And he was no better.

“Why don’t you come out here, my love?” she taunted. “You’ll know firsthand—”

Without warning, he raised the crossbow again and pressed the trigger. Caught by surprise, Olivia barely had time to move. She felt the arrow graze her shoulder. It didn’t even tear the fabric of her shirt, but the memory flashed brightly through her mind anyway, blinding her for an instant. When she could see, feel, hear, she remembered at once. She’d just come home from the hospital, with the doctor’s strict orders to take things slow and easy for a while. And they had slipped into bed and done just that. Slow and easy. Lying on their sides, kissing and touching and holding as they rocked against each other, not trying to reach a climax but merely to reassure each other. It had been a close call. She could still hear his voice, repeating over and again as she fell asleep in his arms—

“I love you.”

Blinking back to the present, Olivia looked at the man in front of her, just beyond her reach.

“I love you,” he repeated. “But if you kill, I will stake you.”

Pain and anger pulled a growl from her throat. He shouldn’t have said that. He should have known better. She had hoped he’d be able to see her for what she was. She still wasn’t sure he did, but she could help him get there.

“Not if I kill you first, lover,” she replied, snarling.

For just an instant, she thought she saw him smile.

“It’s a date, then.”


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  1. I just love how you finished that snippet. The tension was right there abut also all that undercurrent of the past. Great snippet.


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