Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Tuesday Teaser - His Sire's New Rules

Here is another teaser from my new release, His Sire's New Rules. Still with an adult material warning in full effect...


“Jeremy… This is not a good idea.”

Ignoring him, Jeremy set his belt—along with the scabbard attached to it—on the ground at their feet, before working on undoing his own belt.

“Curfew or not,” Tyler insisted, still as quietly, “if a patrol finds us out here, we’ll get in trouble. They can’t do much to you, but I—”

Jeremy cut him off with a kiss, pressing his body against Tyler’s until his back was to the brick wall behind him. In just seconds, Tyler seemed to forget his objections, and he started kissing Jeremy back in earnest.

“Trust me,” Jeremy said when he pulled back. His eyes bore into Tyler’s, willing him to listen. “If a patrol car comes around, I’ll hear it before it’s close enough to spot us. But for that I’ll need you to be very, very quiet.” His grin widened a little. “Can you do that, Tyler? Can you be absolutely quiet for me?”

Tyler blinked several times. His eyes were darker than usual, his pupils dilated. His mouth opened, but he caught himself before uttering a sound and simply nodded.

“Very good,” Jeremy whispered, dropping a hand to the crotch of Tyler’s pants. “I knew you’d want to be good for me. You always do, don’t you? You love being my sub and Alan’s pet. Doing every last little thing we command. Kneeling down. Letting us fill your ass and your mouth. Letting us hurt you so, so good. Don’t you?”

Tyler gulped and nodded again. Jeremy rewarded him with a tight squeeze to his rock-hard cock.

“Very good,” Jeremy said again in a lower, deeper voice, leaning in closer to mouth Tyler’s neck. “So, so very good. And you’ve been very good today, too, wearing the toy for Alan. I’m sure he’ll reward you when we go home, but I want to reward you, too. All right?”

Tyler took in a sharp breath and nodded jerkily. In Jeremy’s palm, his cock was twitching, the fabric of his trousers already damp at the tip. Drawing back, Jeremy went back to working at his belt. He wasn’t going to undress, but the sword hanging at his side was distracting to say the least. As he removed the belt and set it and the scabbard on the ground on top of Tyler’s, he gestured with his chin toward Tyler’s crotch.

“Undo your pants,” he demanded. “Push them down to your knees along with your boxers, then turn around, hands on the wall like this morning.”

Tyler obeyed quickly despite his shaky hands. He was standing too close to the wall, though, so Jeremy guided him back, using nothing more than touch to make him bend over and spread his legs as far as his undone pants would allow. The very edge of the ring that topped the toy peeked between his cheeks.

Jeremy had no particular love for this toy—not when it was used on him, at least. If he was to have something in his ass, he’d rather it be Alan’s cock. It seemed much different from this side, however, and he was smiling to himself when he hooked two fingers through the ring and wiggled it lightly, making it move within Tyler without pulling it back or pressing it forward.

True to the rule Jeremy had imposed on him, Tyler didn’t make a sound, save for a harsh intake of air. His heartbeat, however, jumped instantly, and its pounding seemed to fill the alley.

“Have you liked having this inside you?” Jeremy asked, giving the toy another twist. He stepped closer to the wall beside Tyler, where he’d be able to watch Tyler’s face while still manipulating the toy. “No, don’t tell me,” he added quickly. “Let me guess. You loved it.”

He nudged the toy forward as he spoke, and Tyler gasped quietly.

“You loved having something fill you up and remind you of your master every single moment.”

This time, he tugged at the plug. Tyler’s body offered a token resistance as though unwilling to relinquish its hold on the toy, but Jeremy continued to pull steadily and the ridge at the base of the plug popped out of Tyler, causing him to shudder.

“Did you think of his cock filling you up?” Jeremy continued to withdraw the toy until only the tip remained inside Tyler. His voice dropped to a whisper. “Or did you think of mine? Go ahead, now. You’re allowed to speak to answer this question.”

Tyler’s mouth opened, but no sound came out as Jeremy pushed the plug back inside him in a slow, steady glide. Before it was halfway in, he started pulling it out again.

“Well?” he said with a cluck of his tongue. “Which did you think about?”

Again, nothing more than the tip remained inside, although Jeremy rotated his wrist, teasing Tyler’s opening.

“Both,” Tyler finally said, rasping. “At times, I thought of him fucking me, and at other times you, and at other times…” He swallowed hard when Jeremy started to push the toy back in. “At other times I wondered… I wondered what it’d be like… having you… both of you… inside me… together.”

He ended on a groan when the full toy was seated within him again. For a second, Jeremy remained still, his mind suddenly buzzing with possibilities. He’d been ignoring his own cock so far because he didn’t dare touch himself, but at Tyler’s confession it hardened more, aching with anticipation.

He hadn’t thought about it before, but now the image was clear in his mind: Tyler sitting on his cock, and Alan pressing in from behind, his own dick sliding alongside Jeremy’s until they were both deep inside Tyler. Oh, yes, it was a lovely image, and one he’d have to mention to his Sire at the first occasion.

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