Friday, January 9, 2015

Looking back at 2014, looking forward to 2015

Every year at this time I look back at what I've released in the past twelve months and how that meshes with what I had planned to do.

In 2014 I released... 5 stories
-> His Sire's New Rules
-> Anterograde
-> Homeward
-> Ward of the Vampire - complete serial
-> No Crayons on the Frontline [Shades of Pink]

 They break out as...

-> 3 M/F, 1 M/M, 1 M/M/M
-> 3 Vampires, 2 'all human'
-> 2 novels, 2 novellas, 1 short story
-> 1 BDSM, 1 Sweet Romance
-> 3 Demons Age series, 2 Ward of the Vampire serial

I also finished writing my monthly freebie One Last Lullaby, which i'm now in the process of editing/rewriting.

My YA alter-ego also released 1 novel and 1 novella.

And I released 5 audiobooks, 2 in the Out of the Box series and 3 in the On The Edge series.

Looking back at what I wanted to do, I successfully finished the Ward of the Vampire series, and was really gratified by its success. Same thing for His Sire's New Game; from a little one-shot story, this world is growing on me, and the readers! In my plans was also part 3 of the QuckSilver Codex, Bloodchild, which I did finish writing and is in edits. I also started a new serial in the Ward universe, focused on Irene, though I won't start releasing it until all parts are complete. There are however a couple of stories that didn't get worked on or finished as I had hoped, and they'll end up on my 2015 list...

So, looking forward to 2015, here are the stories I hope to release during the coming year:

-> No Crayons on the Frontline, greatly extended from my Shades of Pink contribution
-> One Last Lullaby
-> Bloodchild, the 3rd part of the QuickSilver Codex
-> the Serenade Serial, which I've been posting on this blog weekly as teasers
-> Blue Hair and 7 PAs - a novel-length rewrite of my 2013 short story
-> Sharper Edges, a sequel to Beyond The Edge

-> a short story sequel to Carte Blanche in which Ray flips his card upside down
-> a prequel to His Sire's New Pet, to show how Jeremy and Tyler met
-> a sequel to Under His Skin

I also have one YA story planned, and at least 3 audiobooks scheduled for release.

Most of it, however, is going to depend on how much the bundle of joy Hubby and I are expecting for April will let me write...

And, a little late, I'd like to give all of you my best wishes for the new year!!!

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