Monday, March 28, 2016

Monday Gems - Amara's Memento Ring

This week's custom jewelry with Gemvara was designed with Amara in mind, the heroine from the BDSM erotica short story Biting The Vampire.

The London blue topaz brings out Amara's eyes, and the gold setting was chosen for its timeless elegance. The knots are meant to remind her of the ropes that once bound her body in an intricate lattice.

Darius sees the ring in a shop near the hotel were they met, and while he is immediately attracted to the knots design, he doesn't like much the diamond at the center of the setting. For one thing, the traditional meaning of a diamond is eternal love, and after just one night together, it seems a little much, too fast... For the other, he never cared much for colorless stones, and Amara's personality definitely requires something more colorful! He asks for the ring to be customized and for a different stone to be set in, choosing a topaz the color of her eyes. He doesn't give the ring to her, and instead slips the jewelry box in her suitcase, where she won't be able to miss it when she unpacks. The only note he puts in is his phone number, and while he wouldn't admit it, he waits rather impatiently for that phone call...

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