Monday, March 7, 2016

Monday Gems - Irene's Family Necklace

I don't have much jewelry, but every piece I own has a meaning - and a story. I thought it might be fun to use the Gemvara site to create a collection of custom pieces of jewelry for my characters, something that tells their story, and who they are.

This first piece is for Irene, the vampire narrator from the Serenade Serial. It's a fine chain gold necklace with 5 stylized flower pendants. Three of the flowers have blue sapphires, and the last two are made of blue topaz gems.

The five pendants symbolize her five offspring, the vampires that she made. Two are a different color because one of these offspring has passed on, and another became her offspring under some very special circumstances.

I imagine she'd design this necklace and have a master jeweler make it for her. It'd be a treasured possession that she'd wear constantly, but she wouldn't tell her offspring about its meaning if they asked, and would just say it's something pretty she picked up during one of her travels. The men might believe her, but Lilah knows her best, and while she might not understand the meaning of the flowers, she'd know there's something special about the necklace.

If there's a character you'd like to see featured here, let me know!


  1. Great idea. That's a lovely piece. I'm curious what Lisa and Kate would wear.

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