Monday, March 14, 2016

Monday Gems - Kate's Awakening Ring

For today's Monday Gems, I designed a ring with Gemvara for Kate, the human heroine of the Blurred Trilogy.

Throughout the series, Kate falls in love with two vampires, Blake and Marc, and while their relationship is tested by the war they wage against ferocious demons, the three of them form such strong bonds with one another that, in the free story epilogue The Last Sunset, Kate agrees to let her men make her a vampire, too.

The infinity loops all around this ring symbolize the eternity that they have in front of them now that they're all vampires, an idea reinforced with the use of platinum for the ring, making it extremely durable while still elegant. The two stones - one for each of Kate's lovers - are alexandrite stones. They are rare gems whose color varies from red to green depending on the light, a sort of allegory for the change between human and vampire that Kate and her lovers went through.

Blake and Marc talk about getting the ring in secret, not an easy feat because Kate is usually very close. They argue about everything, from the metal to the design to the stones, but once they finally agree on something they're both ready to claim it was their idea all along. Blake insists on being in charge to procure the materials. He was always very good at bartering and trading for hard to find items before his kidnapping, and he wants to prove to himself that he can still do it. With the world still reeling from the demon invasion, it takes them a while to find someone able to repurpose the previously-owned platinum ring and a pair of alexandrite earrings into their custom ring, but the wait is worth it when the jeweler does a superb rendition of their design. It's torture to keep the ring a secret a little longer, but Kate's expression when they present it to her as she wakes up a vampire means the world to them both.

Next time... Lisa from the On The Edge series, as requested by Kim...
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  1. Beautiful. The perfect symbol for her two loves

  2. Beautiful. The perfect symbol for her two loves

  3. Just the perfect jewel for the 3 of them, exquisite.


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