Monday, March 21, 2016

Monday Gems - Lisa's necklace

For this week's edition of Monday Gems, my custom jewelry collection created with Gemvara, here's a necklace for Lisa, the heroine from the On The Edge series.

Lisa is a vampire, and in the first part of the series she meets a human, Brett, who becomes her lover as well as her business partner when they open a dancing club together. In the second part of the series, she brings another vampire in their relationship, Leo. As time passes and the bonds between the three of them grow stronger, they decide together that Brett will let them turn him into a vampire so that they never have to stay goodbye.

Like in last week's piece, platinum in the chain and setting is used as a metaphor for their love lasting forever. The three stones, blood-red rubies, represent Leo, Brett and Lisa herself now that they're all vampires. The chain is fairly short so that the pendant rests high on Lisa's chest, close to her throat, where it can be seen even with her most conservative necklines.

Brett becoming a vampire, although something the three of them planned together, does not happen the ways they'd imagined it, and some complications arise afterward (and that's as much as I'll say about that... spoilers for the next book!) When things settle down, however, the love between all three characters is stronger than ever, and they decide to create matching jewelry for al three of them to wear. I'll tell you about Leo's and Brett's pieces in future posts...

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