Monday, April 18, 2016

Monday Gems - Leo's Ring

For this week's Monday Gems, my custom jewelry collection created with Gemvara, we have a ring for Leo, one of the two heroes from the On The Edge series.

Like for Lisa's matching necklace, the ring's setting is made of platinum as a symbol of eternal love, while the three blood-red rubies represent the three vampires in this menage. The engraving on both sides ofthe ring feature grapes and leaves, a nod to Leo's work as a bartender at On The Edge - the job that brought him back to Haventown and allowed him to find a place in Lisa's and Brett's bed and lives.

I'll tell you about Brett's ring in a future post... and maybe, if there's an interest for it, I'll write a short flashfic about how these three characters designed custom matching jewelry pieces.

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