Monday, April 11, 2016

Monday Gems - A Pendant for Angel

Today's custom jewelry from Gemvara is for Angel, the heroine of No Crayons On The Front Line. It's a rose gold pendant with white gold accent and chain, and a pink tourmaline gem.

The pendant is shaped like a cursive 'A', based on Angel's handwriting of her own name. It takes Samuel a while to save up the food tickets to pay for this jewelry piece - the demon invasion might be over, but things need time to get back to 'normal'. It's not a jeweler that Samuel talks to, but a swordsmith who until now was working on weapons, and only making jewelry as a hobby. The jeweler has access to precious metals but not gems, so Samuel looks through his late grandmother's jewelry and finds the perfect stone, pink like the roses he sent to Angel when their relationship began. He wonders briefly how his grandmother would have felt about one of her rings being 'cannibalized', but every memory he has of her reminds him of her generous spirit; she would have welcomed Angel in their lives with open arms. There's something else in her jewelry box that catches Samuel's eyes: a damond ring, simple but elegant. On day, he thinks. One day soon...

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