Monday, May 2, 2016

Monday Gems - Delilah's Goodbye Ring

Today's Monday Gem with Gemvara is a platinum ring with black diamonds on the band, and two circles of white diamonds accenting an extra large black diamond in the center. It was created for Delilah, also known as Lilah, a vampire and secondary character in Ward of the Vampire and the Serenade Serial.

While in both books Delilah is single, we learn that she is a widow. I might tell in another story how she fell in love, married, and remained with a human until his natural death, but for now let me just say that her late husband, seeing the end of his life approach, commissioned a custom ring that he wanted as elegant and dramatic as his wife could be. With cost being a non-issue, he picked only the finest diamonds, including a large black diamond that was, at the time, the largest ever found. He chose black diamonds not for the traditional color of mourning, but because, he told Delilah, they're as gorgeous as their 'normal' counterparts but unusual enough to give someone pause - just like her. The ring was his goodbye present to her, something she might wear to remember him and their happy years as a married couple - and made with a metal and gems durable enough that it might endure, like her, forever. Delilah loved the ring, and made sure he knew it, but it was years after his passing before she was able to wear it: the pain of her husband's death was still too acute to have this reminder constantly on her finger.

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