Monday, May 9, 2016

Monday Gems - Virginia's Mother's Day Present


Today's original creation from Gemvara for Monday Gems is a two-tone gold pendant symbolising a mother holding her child with a diamond and an amethyst. It was created for Virginia, the heroine from Out of the Box, Living Out of the Box and Beyond the Edge.

The first few weeks after their baby's birth, Anando is distracted - becoming a father and a Sire at the same time when he never expected to be either are wreaking havoc on his mind. He apologizes for it to Virginia, and while she says she understands and assures him that, distracted or not, he's giving her all the support she needs, he still feels bad about it. When Mother's Day comes, Virginia's first, he decides to mark the occasion with a very special present. He draws and designs the pendant himself, and has a jeweler create it with fine gold, a beautiful diamond, and an amethyst - their daughter's birthstone. To say that Virginia is touched is quite an understatement...

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