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Dancing With Dragons - Decadent Kane introduces Grigori

In a little over a month, the first book in my new dragons series will come out as part of the Prowlers & Growlers set. I enjoy reading dragon shifters a lot, but when I started writing my own I stopped reading dragon books so I wouldn't unwittingly borrow from them. Over the next few weeks, I'll invite some of my fellow writers - or their creatures! - to answer a few questions about what it's like to write - or be - a dragon.

Today we get a glimpse of Grigori, a character in Decadent Kane's Shifting Scales...


Could you tell us a little about you?

I'm a Siberian Dragon. The name's Grigori. I'm not fond of people stealing from me and will do everything within my very powerful abilities to get back what belongs to me.

Well, hello Grigori. I'll be sure to keep my hands to myself! Could you tell us a little about those abilities and the dragon part of you?

My dragon part is an essence. Not a separate being entirely, but it has a will of its own in a very primal way. I can shift into my dragon form, but otherwise it exists as a tattoo on my back. It can influence my decisions.

Now forgive me if I’m being nosy but what is romance like for dragons? Are there specific dragon courtship rituals? If you have a significant other right now, can you tell us about them?

My Significant other is a very powerful mage, which matches my very powerful dragon essence. I wouldn't say we have a courtship, unless you call her pretending to be me- fully formed human way- a kind of flirtation. I chase, she runs. It works out.

As long as it works out for you! Are dragons ‘out’ in your world – that is, does everyone know about them? If so, what do ‘regular’ folks think about them?

Dragons are out, sort of. Many don't see them because dragons hail from Siberia- actually a parallel to Siberia, but I don't think it surprises humans that we are there. More surprise to actually see one of us.

What’s your favorite part about being a dragon? And you least favorite one?

I don't have a least favorite part of being a dragon. My favorite is being able to scare people into doing what I want.

Meeep! I think we'll stop now, then, before I start bothering you... Thanks for answering those few questions!

~ BLURB ~ 
Shifting Scales - a Siberian Paradox Prequel
Part of the Prowlers and Growlers Boxed Set

After Grigori's dragon scales are stolen, he catches a lead in Paradox City. The culprit? A sassy little thing who masquerades as him to make a sale! He might have found that adorable if she hadn't taken his dragon powers too. Intrigued by the female's abilities, Grigori set his sight on claiming what is rightfully his, and in the process, the female just might find her way to her knees.

Nova brokers deals on the black market. She doesn't ask what the products are and she usually doesn't care, not until her brother gets involved with Faceless, a mob boss. Toss in a dragon shifter searching for his stolen scales and Nova finds herself knee deep in trouble. When that sexy dragon barges his way into Nova's life, she refuses to give in to his demands… well, at least she tries to tell herself that. She doesn't expect Grigori to awaken a side of her she'd only ever thought about in the dark of night… an urge to submit she thought she could live without.

~ About the Author ~

International Bestselling author Decadent Kane is an indie paranormal romance writer with a pen name taken from a burlesque name generator and began her career on a dare...

The fae, magic, and mystical worlds of possibility are carved into her soul. When she writes her stories, she pours all of her heart into what they whisper. She's the kind of lady who will stare off into space to better understand her characters' thoughts, listening to them speak their own version of the story.

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