Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Dancing With Dragons - Kara James talks about dragons...

Another look into the world of dragon shifters and their writers today, with an interview with Kara James.
Previous interviews featured Decadent Kane and K.C. Stewart, who like me will be featured in the Prowlers & Growlers box set, as well as Anna Lowe, and Rinelle Grey.

Author Interview

What is it about dragons that made your muse decide ‘this is what we’re writing!’?

I’ve always loved dragons…even when family and friends thought they were evil. Sometimes, I see dragons everywhere—in the clouds and tree trunks.

Does your story/series take place on Earth, or is it in a different dimension/world? Are dragons ‘out’ in your world?

Primarily, dragons are hidden in my world, other supernatural beings know about them, but only a few humans. Kyle, the main character and dragon shifter in my story, fights other shifters in an underground MMA style ring.

What’s the ‘fun’ part about writing dragons? OR Is there something a little tricky about writing dragons?

It is fun writing about dragons and their magic and power, but it can be tricky not to make them too powerful.

Are there other paranormal beings you enjoy writing? Do they live in the same universe as your dragons or are they strictly separate?

I also write about werewolf rugby players—no one knows they are wolves—thanks to a team trip to Transylvania. These werewolves live in a different universe than the dragons.

Do you have an all-time favorite dragon from movies, TV or books?

The three dragons from Game of Thrones! I would’ve never chained them up and realized they only went after my enemies ;)

~ Blurb ~

Kyle is a dragon shifter who has never lost in Shadow MMA. But when his younger sister becomes paralyzed in a car crash, the doctor bills keep mounting and he has to do something.

Before his death, Kyle's dad took out a loan with the mob. And a debt is due no matter what, and the mob boss wants Kyle to fight or he’ll collect his debt in blood from Kyle’s sister.

CORNERED, Kyle is trapped and has no other choice but to keep fighting to protect her and repay the loan.

~ About the Author ~

Kara James has been fascinated with dragons, werewolves and rugby. So what better way to bring her two passions together than with bad boy romance in the Binding series?

She also holds degree belts in Karate and Mauy Thai - and loves blending MMA and Shifters in her Shadow series.

Kara lives with her family and is a full-time mom and a writer (whenever all the kids are in bed).

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