Thursday, October 19, 2017

Seeking romance authors for Shades of Pink 2018 - a charity anthology

In October 2013, I organized the the 'Shades of Pink' event, a charity romance anthology that raised over $10.700 for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This event was repeated in 2014, with $962 in proceeds to benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

In 2015, I had a newborn and couldn't fathom finding the energy to organize the event again, so I made my own donation to mark awareness month and didn't go further than that. As a couple more years passed and I didn't find time to organize things, I started thinking the event was over for good.

And then in June of this year, a dear friend of mine, who was my first editor and convinced me to submit my first story to be published, passed away after a long fight against breast cancer. And I know doing another anthology, raising more funds for research won't bring her back, but bringing back the event for 2018 is my small way to honor her, and remember her.

Here's how it works in short: a bunch of authors donate short stories. I bundle them together and set up a donation page. During the month of October, people who donate any amount to the fundraiser receive a link to download the book (from my website or Bookfunnel, TBD later). The money goes entirely to the chosen charity (except for the unavoidable credit card transaction fees), it does not pass through my hands at any time.

So here we go. I am looking for authors to contribute stories. The more, the merrier, and I'm starting early to give everyone a chance to fit this in their writing schedule.

  • looking for NEW short stories
  • any genre as long as it's romance
  • any heat level
  • any pairing or menage
  • the only content requirement: something in the story must be pink. It can be clothing items, jewelry pieces, hair, a car, a notebook, a blanket... you get the idea. Anything you want but pink.
  • it can be part of one of your existing series BUT it must be a complete story. No cliffhanger, and give enough information for the story to make sense even without reading the other work. Brand new characters/stories welcome as well of course.
  • minimum 5.000 words
  • maximum 10.000 words (flexible)
  • stories will be exclusive to the anthology during the event in October and up to early November, after which the anthology will be retired. You retain all rights, and only grant publishing rights for the anthology only for a month and half.
  • stories MUST be fully edited when they are submitted. I can and will do some light proofreading because typos happen, but I reserve the right to decline a story if the editing is subpar or nonexistent. I will be trying to recruit editors to donate their services or you can work with your regular editors.
  • submission deadline: August 15th 2018
  • authors agree to share the event in their newsletter/social media during October 2018 to get the word out 
  • any question? comment here or email me at

I am also looking for editors to donate their services for one or multiple short stories.

Interested? Sign up here. I will send emails every other month or so at first to remind you that you signed up for this, then more often when the deadline starts looming over us all...


  1. Sounds amazing! I'm signing up and sharing your post. Thanks for the opportunity. <3 Hugs, Liz Gavin.

  2. Ooh! I'd love to participate. Both as writer and editor. Proof :)

  3. I would love to help with this. Signed up.

  4. signed up. thank you for organising this opportunity f
    or a great cause

  5. Looks like an excellent cause, so i've signed up and am forwarding the information to some of my friends.

  6. Signed up looking forward to help with the cause.

  7. HI, can you please confirm that this box set is still happening and if there are any spaces left. thanks

    1. Hello,
      I'm not limiting the number of participants, and yes it is still planned for October :)


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